Dr. Karri Rama Reddy 
Manasa Hospital, Prakasam Nagar
Andhra Pradesh (India)
 (91) (883) 2467286, 2469386, 2469959
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Father    Karri Venkata Reddy (alias) Pedda Kapu

Mother  Karri Mangayamma
Date of Birth    19.10.1954 (original)
(Born at Free Maternity Home, Mangalavarapu peta, Rajahmundry)
                           01.08.1952 (official)
Native Place  Anaparthi (East Godavari Dt. A.P.)


               FLOWERS & FRUITS
Wife    Suseela
Wedding Date    17.02.1973 

Karri Venkata Chakravarthi (Son)
     Karri Divya (Daughter in law)
Chada Mangala (Daughter)
    w/o Dr. C.M. Pavan Kumar Reddy
Dr. Karri (Peddinti) Manasa (Daughter)
    w/o Dr. Peddinti Kalyan Chakravarthi

Grand Children
Chada Shruthi
Karri Sri Rama Reddy
Peddinti Srinikhith Kumar
Peddinti Srinidhith Kumar
Karri Komalasri Sushritha


                         EARLY EDUCATION

S.S.L.C.   S.R.P.H. School, Anaparti  74.67%  (1968)  
P.U.C.    P.R. Govt. College, Kakinada    Bi.P.C. 71.75% (1969)

After a stint in a government elementary school, I was given training for two months to appear for an entrance examination for direct admission into 6th class. That was at the age of 7 years and 6 months. To my pleasant surprise, living up to the expectations of my brother (Dr.) Bapi Reddy and my teacher Sri Pulagam Veerreddy I passed the test. I joined 6th class when I was just 7 years and 9 months old and for official records, my age was raised by two and half years.

In the school, I owed a lot to my teachers, Sri Veerreddy and Sri Veerraghave Reddy who moulded my personality. Out side the school, it was Sri Gangireddi Grandhalayam, the village library owned by Sri Srisachandra (Abbayi garu) which was responsible for nurturing my passion for reading.