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Dr. Karri Rama Reddy in Limca Book of Records

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I am Dr. Karri Rama Reddy, a psychiatrist from Rajahmundry (India). To know more about me, visit my website http://ramareddykarri.tripod.com
The following pages in this website contain some of the news clippings about my entry into Limca Book of Records 2009 edition.

You may find some of my stories in Telugu on the topics of Psychology/Psychiatry in these websites.


Received information and also a certificate from
about the acceptance for entry into 2009 edition.
The following are the claims made.

1) I am Dr. Karri Rama Reddy, a psychiatrist practising at Rajahmundry, Andhra pradesh, India. I am the first and the only medical doctor to acquire two accredited masters degrees in computers (M.C.A. and M.Tech) in India, may be in the world.
2) Five professions with qualifications  in one man:
     -A doctor with specialization in psychiatry
     -A Computer Engineer
    - A Lawyer
    - A Management professional
    - A Writer/Journalist
3) The Best out going student with 24 academic prizes or medals of a regular law college is a 54yr. old medical doctor!
4) I am a columnist for more than a decade with no interruption for 3 daily news papers and a monthly magazine




Although a world record, why not placed in Guinness Book?

There is no such category in Guinness Book and this is the answer given by Guinness Book administrators:

"This is not something we can accept as a new record as each country has its own education system and within each country, each academic institution has its own methods for awarding qualifications. This also applies to professional qualifications as each governing body has different criteria on which their awards are based.

In addition we no longer monitor nation-specific records and therefore records that relate to a particular country’s education system.

With this in mind, there can be no fair and justifiable standard upon which to base a world record.

Examples of proposals we would not accept:
Most law degrees
Most Masters degrees
Most A-levels at A* grade
Youngest person to pass their High School Diploma

We do accept:
Oldest graduate
Most graduates in a single family"


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