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Dr. Karri Rama Reddy



If you have visited this web site  for the  sole purpose of downloading my curriculum vitae (bio-data) for any official purpose (say, reading in a public meeting), the best way is to download the word document (which is printer-friendly) from the following link.


My Address:
Dr. Rama Reddy Karri
Manasa Hospital
Prakasam Nagar
Rajahmundry 533 103
Phone: 91 883 2469386, 2469959, 2467286



Name                      :  Dr. Karri Rama Reddy

Address                  :  Manasa Hospital

                                      Prakasam Nagar

                                      RAJAHMUNDRY – 533 103.


                                      Phones: (91) 883 – 2467286, 2469386, 2469959 (PBX)


                                      Fax: 0883 2469486





Father’s Name     :  Karri Venkata Reddy (alias) Pedda Kapu

Mother’s Name    : Karri Mangayamma

Wife                           : Karri Suseela

Children                    : Karri Venkata Chakravarthi  & wife Divya 

                                    Chada Mangala, W/O Dr. C.M. Pavan Kumar Reddy

                                    Dr. Peddinti Manasa, W/O Dr. P. Kalyan Chakravarthi

Grand Children        : Chada Shruthi

                                    Karri Sri Rama Reddy

                                    Peddinti Sri Nikhith Kumar

                                    Peddinti Sri Nidhith Kumar

Date of Birth         : 19-10-1954 (Original)

                                     01-08-1952 (Official)

Qualifications      : M.B.B.S. (Andhra University)

                                     Obtained University first rank in first M.B.B.S.

                                     Obtained University first rank in second M.B.B.S.

                                     Obtained University second rank in final M.B.B.S.

                                     Awarded Dr. Peri Sastry Prize in Social and Preventive Medicine.


                                     Awarded Smt. Burra Bapanamma Gold Medal in

                                     Gynecology and Midwifery.

                                     Awarded Dr. S.V.Ramanayya Prize in Midwifery.

                                     Gained distinction in Pharmacology

                                     M.D., (Psychological Medicine) [NIMHANS]


                                     Trained (worked as a resident) in the Departments of Psychiatry,

                                     Neurology and other Neuro and Behavioural Sciences at

                                     National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences, Bangalore.

                                     M.B.A. Point Grade 4/5 equal to First Class  (67% marks)                                    

                                     Indira Gandhi National Open University.

                                     M.C.A. First Class, Secured 76.3% marks. University of Madras

                                      M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering) .  

                                     Passed with Distinction. Secured 81.9% marks. 

                                    Allahabad Agricultural Institute - Deemed University.

                                    First and only Medical Doctor in  the world,

                                    to acquire two accredited Masters degrees

                                    in Computer Science and Engineering.


                                   M.J. (Master of Journalism) , Distinction (70.25% marks)  

                                    ICFAI University, Tripura


                                     M.A. (Political Science), [Madurai Kamaraj University]

                                     M.A. (English Literature), [Nagarjuna University]

                                     M.S. (Master of Science), Program in Psychotherapy

                                         and Counselling .

                                      Institute of Behaviour and Management Sciences, Chittoor. First Class.


LL.B. (Andhra University) First class, Best Outgoing Student gold medalist and topper in 5 out of 6 semesters and topper in First year, Second year and Final year individually and topper in 13 subjects and recipient of 24 corresponding prizes/medals in Sri GSKM Law College. Topper in the LL.B. Course among the law colleges in the East Godavari District.

1)      1st Rank prize in Family Law - I

2)      1st Rank prize in Law of Crimes

3)      Sri T.P.Naidu memorial prize in Criminal Law

4)      1st Rank prize in Jurisprudence

5)      1st Rank prize in Interpretation of Statutes

6)      1st Rank prize in Land Laws

7)      1st Rank prize in Intellectual Property Laws

8)      1st Rank prize in Law of Evidence

9)      1st Rank prize in Arbitration, conciliation and ADR

10)  1st Rank prize in Moot Courts, Pre-trial preparations

11)  1st Rank prize in Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing 

12)  1st Rank prize in Professional Ethics, Accounting and Bar bench relations

13)  1st Rank prize in Public Interest Lawyering, Legal aid and Paralegal services

14)  1st Rank prize in 2nd Semester

15)  1st Rank prize in 3rd Semester

16)   1st Rank prize in 4th Semester

17)  1st Rank prize in 5th Semester

18)  1st Rank prize in 6th Semester

19)  1st Rank medal in 1st year

20)  1st Rank medal in 2nd year

21)  1st Rank medal in Final year

22)  Sri Saladi Ganga Raju Memorial prize for obtaining 1st Rank in 3 year LL.B. in  East Godavari district

23)  Sri Gurrala Krishna Rao Memorial Gold medal for 1st Rank in 3 year LL.B.

24)  Best Out going student Gold medal


LL.M.(Torts & Crimes) of Acharya Nagarjuna University



LL.M. (Cyber Law & Intellectual     

                                    Property rights) of ICFAI University, Dehradun, First Class


                                      LL.M. (Constitutional & Administrative laws) 

                                     Acharya Nagarjuna University


                                     B.Ed. First class  79.2% marks (Andhra University)

                                     G.K.R.V. College of Education (now Sharada College of Education)

                                     Winner of Best Ougoing Student Medal for abtaining College First rank

                                     First Rank prize in "Educational Psychology"

                                    First Rank prize in "School Management and Systems of Education" 

                                    M.Ed. (First class with Distinction)

                                   Andhra University, Grade equal to 84% marks

                                  Topper of Benaiah Christian College of Education.

                                     D.F.E. (P.G. Diploma in Functional English), [Andhra University]

                                     First Class with distinction in Communication Skills.

                                     University third rank.

                                     D.C.E. (Diploma in Creative Writing in English), Indira Gandhi

                                     National Open University.

                                     Point Grade equal to Distinction (80%) with `A’ Grade (excellent)

                                     in writing for TV and Radio.

                                     D.F.M. (Specialization Diploma in Financial Management)

                                     Grade equal to First Class

                                      Indira  Gandhi National Open University.



                                   Now also a student of B.Li.Sc.

                                   Sri Venkateswara University- DDE


                                    Now also a  student of LL.M. (Labour Laws)

                                    Acharya Nagarjuna University


                                    Part time Ph.D. research scholar in Education,

                                  Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore


                                   Part time Ph.D. research scholar in Law,

                                  D.S. National University of Law, Visakhapatnam

                                  (Yes, four courses at a time! Hope Exam. dates don't operlap!)



Affiliations           :   Member of Indian Medical Association

                                     Member of I.M.A. - Academy of Medical Specialties

                                     Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society

                                     Fellow of Indian Association for Social Psychiatry.

                                     Member of American Psychiatric Association


                                     Member of Neurological Society of India

                                     Member of Indian Academy of Neuro Sciences

                                     Member of Schizophrenia Research Foundation

                                     Member of World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

                                     Fellow of International Association for Sex Education

                                      and Parenthood.

                                     Member of Mensa, an international organization

                                    for  top scorers in IQ. tests                                     


                                     Fellow of United Writers Association of India

                                     Member, Behavioural Medicine Society

                                     Member, Bharateeya Sahityaparishard

                                     Member, Vikasatharangini

                                     Member, Prajna Bharathi

                                     Member, Rotary Club Rajahmundry

                                     Hon. Member, Jaycees

                                     Member, Family counseling centre, Rajahmundry



& Activities    :   


                                     Executive Committee Member for 3 years (1982-85),

                                     Vice President (1985-86) and President (1986-87) of 

                                     Indian Psychiatric Society – A.P. Chapter.

                                     Executive Committee Member, (1986-88),

                                     Vice President (1994-95)

                                     President (1995-96) Indian Psychiatric Society – South Zone

                                     Hon. Editor, The Andhra Pradesh Journal of Psychological 

                                     Medicine (1988-97)

                                     Editorial Board Member, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine


                                     Hon. Editor, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine (1998-2000)

                                     Journal Committee member, Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 

(2003- 2005)

                                     Editorial Board Member, Behavioural Medicine Journal (1991-96)

                                     National Action Committee Member in Indian Association for

                                     Private Psychiatry (2002)

                                     National convenor, Private Psychiatry section, Indian Psychiatric Society    

                                    (2001 – 2003)

                                     Chairman, Task Force Group on Private Psychiatry

                                     (Indian Psychiatric Society)  2000


                                    Chairman, Constitution Committee, Indian Psychiatric Society    

                                    (2009 – 2010)

                                    Co-chairman, Ethics Committee, Indian Psychiatric Society    

                                    (2010– 2012)  


                                     Conducted Research on subjects like Psychosocial  aspects of 

                                     Myocardial Infarction Schizoaffective Psychosis, life events, Tripolar

                                     Disorder,  Cultural beliefs, Panic disorder, and Akathisia.

                                     Papers published in Indian Journals and a case report of Haloperidol

                                     Induced deafness published in an Australian journal “Pharma Bulletin”.

                                     Awarded Smt. Venkata Ramamma Chinna Reddy Award twice for the

                                     Best Scientific papers presented during the Annual Conference of

                                     Indian Psychiatric Society- Andhra Pradesh Chapter (1986 and 1987)

Awarded Dr. D.S. Raju Memorial Oration Award (“Mad or Bad dilemma –Some           reflections on Insanity Defense”) By  Indian Psychiatric Society - A.P. Chapter (2006) 


Awarded Vishakha Oration Award (“Cyberpsychiatry - Emerging trends in India”) By  Indian Psychiatric Society - South zone (2009)


                                     Participation in many National Conferences and chaired the sessions.

 Faculty for CME programs at national level e.g. [“Drug abuse “[ 2007),  “Homosexuality (2008), civil litigations &psychiatry (2008), Workshop on "Psychiatric malpractice" (2009, Agra)],


at Zonal level [“Psychiatrist in school”, AIDS psychiatry”, “Psychiatrist in Private Practice”],

 at State level [“Mental mechanisms”, “Male Sexual dysfunctions”, “Anxiety &Depression in somatic disorders”]

                                     Organised the 4th annual conference of Indian Psychiatric Society-        

                                     Andhra Pradesh Chapter in August, 1984.

                                     Organized the 20th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society-

                                     South Zone in October, 1987.

                                     Organized a Seminar, `Chronic Mentally Ill in the Community’ in

                                     February, 1991 on behalf of World Association of Psychosocial


                                     Organized P.G. Training Program on behalf of Indian Psychiatric

                                     Society- South Zone in 1997.

                                   Felicitated by Indian Psychatric Society at Agra (2009),

                                   Felicitated by Indian Association for Private Psychiatry

                                   at Hyderabad (2009)

                                  Felicitated by Vijayawada Psychiatric Society (2008)

                                  Felicitated by Godavari Psychiatric Society (2009)

                                   Started 16 bedded private Psychiatric nursing home – “MANASA”

                                    In August, 1980 which was first of its kind for the neighbouring

                                    4 districts.

                                    The Hospital has  now 50 beds.

                                    This is the "largest Private Psychiatric Hospital run by a single psychiatrist"

                                    in the State of Andhra Pradesh.  

                                   Hospital has all  Modern psychiatric facilities and has been equipped with

                                    Computerised Record maintenance system since 1987.

                                            1,04,000 out patients (new cases) visited the hospital till date

The hospital is the sponsor for “Manasa Hospital Rajahmundry Oration Award” given by I.P.S-A.P. Chapter.

Manasa Hospital has a library with 12,000 titles on various subjects and a digital library with more than 2,000 e-books.

Manasa Hospital is the training centre for 4 nursing schools.

Medical Profession:

                                    Chairman, I.M.A. Building Construction Committee.

                                     Executive Committee Member (1982-83) and President (1987-88)

                                     of Indian Medical Association, Rajahmundry Branch.

                                     President, World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation- A.P.

                                     Branch (1991-92)

                                     Felicitation by World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

                                    Indian Chapter at NIMHANS (Bangalore) (2002),       

                                   Feliciations by GSL Medical college, A.P. State IMA,                         

                                   Kakinada IMA,  Eluru IMA, Rajahmundry IMA (2008-09)                     


                                     Awarded `Outstanding Young Person’ (in the field of Medicine) for the

                                    State of Andhra Pradesh by Jaycees for the year 1987.

Faculty for CME programs of State IMA, e.g. (“Male Sexual                          dysfunctions”, “Stress management”) 

                                    Addressed more than 100 IMA meetings or meetings of other specialities


                        Awarded Sri A.V. Chalapathi Rao memorial Oration Award by

                         Guntur  IMA

                        Awarded Dr. Vullakki Memorial Goldmedal Oration

                        by Tenali IMA (2009)

                                   Awarded Dr. Enugu Sundara Rami Reddy oration Award by Nellore IMA (2010)

                         Member, Board of Directors,

                                    G.S.L. Medical College, Rajahmundry

Field of Education:

                                     Managing Committee Member, S.G.S.K.Law College,

                                     Rajahmundry (1985-87)

                                     Chairman, Rajamahendri Women’s Degree & P.G.   College,

                                     Rajahmundry (1992-   )                                    

                                    Managing Committee Member, Andhra Kesari Degree College,

                                     Rajahmundry (1994-97)

                                     Vice President, Andhra Kesari Degree College (1997-2000)

                                     Chairman, Andhra Kesari Degree College (2000- 2003 )

                                    Planning & Development Committee Member,  

                                     Govt. College (Autonomous) , Rajahmundry   (2003-  )

                                    Vice President, Andhra Kesari Centenary Junior  College (2007-2010)


                                    Chairman,, Andhra Kesari Centenary Junior  College (2010-2012)

                                     Chairman, Smt. & Sri G.K.R.V. College of Education (2007-  )

Social & Cultural Activities:

                                     President, Andhra Kesari Yuvajana Samithi (2003-2004)                  

                                     Hony. President, Kala Sravanthi.

                                     Hony. President, Alluri Sitharama Raju Yuvajana Samithi.

                                     Past Hon. President, `Youth-A’ Society


                                     Hon. President, Arunodaya.


                                     Rajahmundry Nagara Sangh Chalak, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh

                                     Vice President, Bharathiya Ithihasa Sankalana Smaithi,

                                      Rajahmundry Branch

                                     Vice President, Kala Darbar.

                                     President, Rajaji Kala Peetham


                                    President, Goutami Cultural Association

                                    Non-Official Visitor, Central Prison, Rajahmundry (2003-2005)


                                     Executive Member, Rajahmundry Prathibha Prathistan awards



                                     Election Watch Committee Member, Loksatta 1999, 2004

                                     President, Citizen Forum


                                     State  President, Young Stars Association

                                     Executive Committee Member, Rajahmundry Cultural Academy


                                     Executive member, Sri Pothula Veerabhadra Rao Trust

                                    Managing Committee member, Free Maternity Home

                                     Executive member, Sri Madhunapanthula memorial Trust


                                     Past Hony. President, Ganesh Nimajjana Utsava Samithi, Rajahmundry


                                     Past President, Reddys Cultural Association


                                    President, East Godavari branch of

                                    Society for Development of Telugu


                                   President, Friends Service Society, Rajahmundry


                                     A book in Telugu on popular psychology (Manishi-Manasu) published by

                                     Telugu Akademi

                                     Radio talks, Stories, features and Cartoons in Weeklies.

Previously ‘Mind matters’ weekly column in Deccan Chronicle  for 2 years

`Varthamana  Pada Chitralu’ Weekly column in Samacharam, daily news paper.

 (since 1996 with no interruption)

`Manassakshi’ Weekly column in "Samakaleena Rajakeeyalapai   Godavari Sakshi",                                               a local daily  (since 1996 with no interruption)

                                    `Manasu Paadindi’ Weekly column in  "Sri Sai Sandhya", a local daily.

                                     (since 1996 with no interruption)

                                    `Psycho fiction’ column in Psychology today, a monthly Telugu magazine 

                                      (since 1998 with no interruption)

                                    45 Essays in `Naadi’ column of Vartha,

                                    Essays in ‘Arunodaya’

                                    Previously`Vyakthigatham’ column in Surya.

                                    Previously `Manovedika’ column in Vedika.

                                    `Previously Nethala Rathalu’ column in Reporter.

Health Education:

                                    Addressed many organizations including I.P.S., I.M.A., S.C.A.R.F.,

                                     Behavioural Medicine Society, Lions, Rotary, Jaycees, industries, prisoners, 

                                     many Schools and Colleges.

                                     Given more than 1200 public lectures on health education

                                     on various topics like AIDS, Study techniques and

 personality development.

 Multimedia Lectures have become popular among various sections. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of  the 10th class students of this district wouldn’t miss the lecture “Facing the Examinations with Bold Face” organized either through  Education department or Social welfare organizations or through meetings sponsored by “Eenadu” daily news paper.

Religion & Spirituality & Rationalism :

With the motto of propagating “Spirituality sans Superstition” 

Became Disciple of Late Sriman T.K. Gopalcharya and got exposure in Dravida Prabhandas and Vaishnavism.

Continuing Spiritual education as Disciple of H.H.H. Thridandi China Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji and H.H.H. Ranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

Addressing devotees for many years through daily discourses on “Thiruppavai” for 30 days of “Margazhi” month (Dhanurmasam) through Multimedia.

Multimedia lectures on “Bhagavad Gita” “Upanishads” etc.

Participation in programs with other religious organizations (Islam, Christian) for promotion of communal harmony and similarity or oneness in the religions.

Work with Rationalists Associations in dispelling the Superstitions and promoting humanism.

Recognition for the Social Service:              

                                    Awarded `Andhra Sri’

                                    by Alluri Sitharama  Raju Yuvajana Samithi                 

                                    Presented `Golden Crown’ by Kala Darbar.

                                    `Krishi’ award by Kalasravanthi.

                                    Awarded `Star of the City’ by Gowthami Cultural Association

                                     Felicitated as `Man of the Decade’ by the Citizen Forum.(2000)

                                    Awarded `life time achievement award’ by YSA .


                                    Awarded Sammanpatra by Income Tax Department for being Honest

                                    and Top Tax payer among the professionals in the region.

                                    Awarded Rajiv Vignan Puraskar for the Year 2000 by  

                                     S.B.S.R.Charitable Trust. (2002)

                                    Awarded Mother Theresa award by X ray organization,

                                      Vijayawada  (2003)


                                    Best Preacher, Teacher and healer award by 


                                     Rajahmundry Mahila Lions  (2004)

                                     Sri Gandham Naga Subrahmanyam Memorial award by Kalavani.



                                    Felicitation by Viswa Vijnana Parishath 2004

                                   Awarded Prathibha vyjayanthika (Rs. 40,000) by 

                                   Andhra Prathibha Prathishtan (2005)

                                   Eminent Person award by City Cultural Academy (2008) 

                                   Felicitated and given Title "Sankethika Kala 

                                   Vachaspathi" by Sanathana Dharma Parishad (2008)


                                   God father of the City award by Sahay (2008)  


                                   "Saraswathi Puthra" title by Jain Foundation and

                                    Mahavir Vidya Niketan  (2008)  


                                    Entry for most varied educational degrees into


                                   (Although it is a world book, Guinness Book does not have a category

                                   for number of educational qualifications)

                                   Received Vocational Service award for professional excellence from

                                   Rotary club of Rajahmundry-River city branch (2008)


                                   Received "Man in Focus" award from Kalaavahini (2008)

                                   Felicitated by SAAR, Triveni cultural organization,

                                  Sri Madhunapanthula Memorial Trust, Rotary club of Rajahmundry,

                                 Santhosha Samrajyam, Reddys Cultural Association (2008)

                                  Felicitated by Education department (Rajahmundry division),

                                  Govt. College (Autonomous), Rajahmundry (2009)


                                   "Godavari Manasa Puthra" Title and felicitation by

                                   51 Social orgninizations of Rajahmundry (2008)


                                   "Sri Vijaya Durga Visishta Puraskar" Award

                                    by Sri Vijaya Durga Peetham, Vedurupaka (2009)


                                   Ugaadi Gowthami Puraskaram by Suhrunmandali (2010)

                                  Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji memorial Puraskar (2012)

                                   RAMCOSA silver jubilee commemoration medal  award for outstanding

                                   old student of Rangaraya Medical college (2012)  

                                Man of the year Award by Rotary club of Rajahmundry (2013)

                               Delivered Sri Pothula Veerabhadra Rao Memorial lecture (2013)                                   



Jai Hind